You might be asking who Shirley is, well she is my Mother in Law who we suddenly lost 3 years ago at the young age of 56. She left behind 2 beautiful daughters, Samantha and Stephanie who are making her proud everyday. This is my first Pop Up Restaurant in the last few years and it’s 100% a passion project for me. I wanted to do something special in her honor and show everyone what I have been up to.

Prior to being at this location i did have my own restaurant where i was able to express my creativity in my menu and dishes. It ultimately became something i never thought it would be. I was beginning to lose my passion and the business side took over. A lot of people might not realize how much goes into owning a restaurant and being the chef. I was not able to do it all. This is why I closed my doors to my restaurant in 2019 and started on this new venture.

With my pop ups i truly want people to enjoy and understand where the food they are eating comes from. One example of a dish i did was a chicken foot coming out of a mock cage. These days there is so much waste and lack of respect and understanding that these items we eat come from a living animal. I have no issues cooking meat at all but i want people to appreciate and realize a life was taken for them to enjoy the meal in front of them. Our society has become so accustomed to going to a grocery store and buying a package all done up and them not caring. They may even let it go bad in their fridge and just throw it away. Well that was once a living animal whose life was now taken for no reason.

Shirleys is an experience you have never had before, we are pulling out all the stops with creativity being the number one priority . We will be taking guests through a multi course dining menu with snacks to start upon your arrival. We take all dietary restrictions into account and create a unique one of a kind menu for your specific needs. We will be offering a wine pairing curated by a local sommelier along with a full bar with specialized cocktails and mocktails. We invite you to walk around our grounds, check out our gardens, beautiful patio and the countryside views.